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Mesotaenium endlicherianum Desmid Species Outer Hebrides

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Phylum: Charophyta   Family: Mesotaeniaceae

Mesotaenium endlicherianum C. Nägeli 1849

First described and illustrated by Nägeli (1849: 108, pl. 6: B). Brook & Williamson (2010: 85) note: “The cells are frequently filled with food reserves, which may completely obscure the chloroplast (l.c., pl. 35: 11).” Several authors give a varying range of sizes; the broadest cells are perhaps better described as var. grande.
Cell dimensions: L: 22-44 µm; B: 7-11 µm, L/B: 2.3-4.2.
Typical habitat would be acidic moorland pools and bogs. This type of habitat is common in the Outer Hebrides but this taxon is proving elusive. West & West (1904: 56) note: "This species sometimes occurs in quantity in boggy pools or at the boggy margins of mountain lakes and tarns."

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