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Cosmocladium perissum Desmid Species Outer Hebrides

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Phylum: Charophyta   Family: Desmidiaceae

Cosmocladium perissum J. Roy & J.P. Bisset 1894

First described and illustrated by Archer (1894: 254, pl. 2: 14). Cells small, nearly as broad as long, sinus fairly deep and opening widely. Side-view elliptical, chloroplast axile with a single pyrenoid. Archer describes the zygospore as: “large in proportion to the fronds, extremely irregular in shape, and reddish-brown in colour. Grows apparently in free groups.”
Cell dimensions: L: 11-13 µm; B: 10-12 µm; Is: 6-7 µm; Th: 5-7 µm.
“This species never forms very large colonies, and more than 4 cells are scarcely ever found together. The cells occur in a simple row, loosely joined by very delicate gelatinous threads.” – (West, West & Carter 1923: 201). Found in mesotrophic habitats but rarely recorded.

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