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Cosmarium abbreviatum </em>var.<em> germanicum Desmid Species Outer Hebrides

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Phylum: Charophyta   Family: Desmidiaceae

Cosmarium abbreviatum var. germanicum (Raciborski) Willi Krieger & Gerloff 1969

This variety differs from the poorly described nominate variety in having rounded basal angles with the upper part of the sides slightly concave. The apex can be straight or slightly concave. The Lewis cell is from an acidic, oligotrophic loch. Distribution unknown for the Outer Hebrides because of possible confusion with similar taxa.

Krieger, W. & Gerloff, J. (1962-9) Die Gattung Cosmarium
Kouwets, F.A.C. (in manuscript) European Flora of the Desmid Genus Cosmarium